My NO FEAR way to paint your kitchen cabinets and get a professional finish

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am not afraid of paint. In fact, I am a little obsessed with paint.  But when it comes to kitchen cabinets it is a different story... or so I thought.

Because I was obsessed with getting the most professional finish I went through the whole process with detail:

Doing the splits while sanding creates the smoothest surface :)
  1. Remove cabinets and ALL HARDWARE! Don't get lazy and think "oh, I'll leave that on and paint around it"... no no, take it all off!
  2. Sand and clean before priming!  I found the cleaning was even more important than the sanding.  I washed the cabinets with oxy clean and warm water with a damp rag.  
  3. Prime
  4. Sand Again. Clean again. I know, you just want to get it done, but don't skip this step!  You need to sand and clean thoroughly before painting.  Just keep reminding yourself you want this to look gooooooood :)
  5. Paint 2-3 coats.  Let dry 24 hours between each coat.
Now onto HOW we painted because that is really where it counts:
We taped and wrapped the drawers
We hung the doors in the garage with wire.
Hanging the cabinets was my husband's idea.  We don't have much time around here to paint, so hanging them seemed like the fastest way to go about it (this way we didn't have to wait for 1 side to dry before doing the next and bla bla bla.. yada yada yada).  But, we couldn't get to the cabinets for almost 2 weeks, so there they hung.  After 2 weeks of hanging with all that weight, the wire broke and they all fell down!  We finally realized that we needed 3 rows of wire and paint them within 3 days and that did the job (but I was scared the whole time...).

Now onto painting- I read on different blogs that spraying cabinets was the way to go.  Professionals spray them, so should I, right?  I spent weeks researching spray rentals. 
  1. Rent a sprayer.  $65/day from any paint store.  However, none would rent to oil based paint.  With 3 wild children, the only paint I was going was oil based (more durable, harder and lasts longer).  
  2. Have your paint put into aerosol spray cans (via Sherwin Williams).  This seemed great at first, I could just throw away the can and not have to deal with icky mineral spirits for cleaning..... but it was VERY expensive! $8/can.  Each can wasn't even a quart!  Bad idea.
  3. Rent an air compressor ($28/day) and purchase a spray paint attachment ($20-40).  This one I got from Holly
My husband hating every minute of the spraying
 We went with #3.  Cheap, easy and seemed like it would do the job.  But it wasn't as easy as it sounded.  The sprayer was so slow that my husband actually complained.  He is not a complainer.  He hated it.  In the end, the spraying didn't get into all the wood grain, it took way too long, and it just looked cheap.  We scrapped the sprayer and went to rolling them (something I KNOW I am good at!). 

Rolling the cabinets worked SOOOO well for us!!  I thought 'why did I mess with that sprayer and have anxiety attacks over HOW to paint them?  I should have just stuck with what I was good at- rolling and painting by hand.'  Less hassle, less anxiety.  The NO FEAR way to paint is definitely rolling.

My 3 painting buddies
Reasons Rolling Worked:
  1. We used a high quality oil based paint (Sherwin Williams oil based in semi-gloss) and added Penetrol to the paint to make brush strokes and roller streaks disappear (really, they disappear like magic) . A tip I picked up from Censational Girl. I swear by Penetrol, I love you Penetrol!
  2. I am good at painting.  Stick with something you are comfortable with and know how to work with it.
  3. Our cabinets had deep wood grains that required a brush full of paint to fill the grain so it was a better option than spraying and made the best finish.
  4. I used the 3 rollers pictured above.  A 2 inch foam roller, a 4 inch foam roller, and a high end, soft bristle brush.  I love all 3.  They are my 3 painting pals.
I am loving our island! STUNNING :)
A coat of Primer and 2 coats of paint later we were done- Hallelujah!  We both thought we would never have our kitchen the same again.... well, it isn't the same, it is amazing!!!  Weeks of hard labor were all worth it when I saw the change.  It looks like new cabinetry, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Now onto our countertops, backsplash and I still have to paint the walls... we are getting there!

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  1. Awesome! LOVE IT!!! What an amazing job and how exciting to be working through the steps of your kitchen transformation!!!! Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the tips! This is something we're doing this summer so I'm bookmarking to come back to it! ;)

    Happy Easter!


  3. Mikael, it is looking beautiful. I love it!

  4. WOW, it is really looking great, can't wait to see what else you do in there! I love the look of the island! Beautiful!

  5. Lovely! What color did you use from sherwin on your cabinets?

  6. It's so clean and crisp looking! Your hard work definitely paid off.

  7. WOW! That looks amazing! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. As far as paint, because I wanted the best paint out there I had Sherwin Williams color match my Behr "powdered Snow". In the end, it was not the same color as my lovely powdered snow, but it sure was worth getting a high quality paint!

  9. We just did our cabinets this past weekend but our sprayer didn't work, so we haven't done the doors yet. Maybe I will just roll them & be done with it. I'm glad you said you liked them ok. I was worried about the look when I finished.

    It is looking GREAT!!!

  10. Well they're amazing and so are you! This tutorial will be a huge confidence builder when I am ready to paint my cabinets. Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I would love for you to link to the boardwalk bragfest party on Wednesday, if you like. This is certainly something to brag about. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest.

  11. This is truly stunning. You did an amazing job. I just painted all of my tables with a Benjamin Moore high gloss paint for wood and metal and I love the finish. I am hoping it will stand the test of time and children. I still need to paint my kitchen cabinets, but I am very afraid. I don't think they will stand up to the torture of my family. You have given me hope. :-)


  12. Hey there. Your DIY for your kids' bathroom totally inspired me. Here is my little bathroom redocorate

  13. Kitchen looks great. I've been thinking of painting our cabinets as well but I've heard of way too many mishaps in the actual painting and later wear and tear that I'm not yet willing to do it. You did a pretty thorough job, though, so if you tell me in a year that it's stood up to all the abuse a kitchen gets I'll reconsider.

  14. It looks beautiful. But I have a question. We are just starting our cabinet job. It is going to be a beast because the cabinets have some nasty stuff all over them. I have tried every cleaning supply known to man. We are finally down to using acetone to get the crap off. Anyway, I am going to antique mine. So they will be a "dirty" white and then sanded down in places so you can see the wood. I have been doing research and everything I have read says that oil based paints will yellow over time if they are white. I would rather go with oil based, but I do not want yellow cabinets. Why did you go with oil and is there a trick to not making it yellow?

  15. Impressive! I particularly love the look of the island...looking forward to seeing the next steps of the project! Give yourself a huge pat on the back (and your husband too!)

  16. Fantastic job, I totally agree with the foam rollers. I've painted 2 sets of kitchen cabinets, and LOVE the look that the foam rollers give, no roller marks at all! And I agree, definitely put the $$ into the good paints, you won't be disappointed. I just posted our kitchen re-do, which is why I can't wait to see your after pictures. :)

  17. Thanks for the tutorial! I have been stressing about how to go about painting a mudroom bench we had installed. I think I'll follow your lead and go with foam rollers with Penetrol. Thanks!

  18. Great tutorial! After your two coats of paint did you apply a protective clear coat? Poly?

  19. I did NOT apply poly. You won't need to with oil based and you wont want to because it turns yellow on white paint (I started doing it on my banister but once I saw it turned yellow I STOPPED!).
    I have been cleaning and scrubbing my cabinets since I painted them and they are holding up amazing! LOVE 'EM!

  20. Oh, and the color of the white cabinets I had Sherwin Williams color match Behr's Powdered Snow. It didn't really "match" perfectly, but it was close enough. Behr's powdered snow is my favorite color of white!! Creamy, but yet bright and clean.

  21. What a transformation. It sounds like a lot of work but it turned out beautifully.

  22. LOVE your transformation!!! I plan on painting a dresser soon but when I researched Penetrol it said it's only recommended for outdoor use. Is there a specific type you used for indoors?


  23. Thanks for the tips! Did you but primer on the cabinets before you painted?

  24. Absolutely stunning!!! Thanks for the great tips... I've got painting bathroom cabinets and eventually my kitchen cabinets on my to-do list... I've got to get this petrenol.

  25. It looks beautiful! I've been researching cabinet painting tips and techniques for awhile for out own eventual redo. I want to do oil based for its durability, but the smell of oil based seems to linger for so long. How long did it take for the paint fume smell to leave entirely? Thanks!

  26. Just found your blog! Love the color you've chosen in your kitchen! My husband and I just bought our first home and we are just itching to get moved in and start all of our "Dream" projects!! 2 1/2 weeks until closing :)

  27. OMG that island is AWESOME!! LOVE!! You are rockin -- it all looks fantastic.

  28. Olivia- the smell left our home in about a week. The kids were shipped out to my parents for a full day. It really wasn't that bad! Everyone that walks in our home now says it smells like a fresh new home, I LOVE IT!

  29. Your cabinets look great. I was reading up on the Penetrol and what I read stressed that it was for exterior use only. Any ideas on why???

  30. love your kitchen makeover, great job! what was your process on the cabinets itself? just roll on paint? would you paint the walls before the cabinets or vice versa?

  31. I just recently found your post regarding the renovation of your kitchen cabinets. You did a fabulous job! I am seriously considering doing the same thing. My question is regarding the rollers and brush you used: Did you use the brush for the areas on the doors that are not flat? Also, was there a particular roller that you used? I am researching this HUGE undertaking, and trying to prepare as best I can. Thank you for any info you can provide!


  32. I love your "new" cabinets! This is exactly what I want to do in my kitchen. Are your cabinets all wood? Mine are a mix of wood and laminate and I'm afraid of how the laminate will take paint.

  33. Your cabinets are really amazing! Just like the ones found in stores, only even better! I will surely follow your tips on renovating kitchen cabinets. I believe that we still have some old cabinets in my mom's house. We are to place them in my newly constructed DIY home build project. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Just found your website - love! :) Wanted to see how your cabinets were holding up after over a year. I am working up the courage to do mine. Thx!!

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  36. Hello,
    I am in LOVE with your kitchen! I am also painting my cabinets white, and I was wondering a few things. I went to Sherwin Williams to buy everything and there are WAY more options than what I thought. Could you please tell me exactly what primer you used? Sherwin Williams has old based primer, adhesive primer, etc!! Could you list the exact names of all your coats?!? lol

    I would love to go buy everything as soon as I can, looking forward to your response!!

  37. How many gallons of paint did you end up using? Looks amazing!

    I'm planning on doing this in the next week or so :-)

  38. When we painted our cabs in our old house, we were going to use oil based paint. But the Home Depot guy told me that in California, they've had to reformulate the oil based paint because of our environmental laws, and that it's not the same good paint it used to be. In fact, they have made improvement in the water based paints and they're actually better than oil-based now. So, we used water-based BEhr paint and it turned out beautiful. And held up nicely. Any cabinet is going to get little dings and nicks in them, even stained ones. Just keep a small can of your paint handy and touch up when needed. It only takes a sec. That's my 2-cents worth.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. I wish I never saw this because now I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets!!

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