Kitchen Final Reveal!!! Picture Perfect

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It has been a hard and long 2 months! Wow, I can't believe it took us 2 months to get this thing finished. It is FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to show all of you I had to post this before my big date tonight :)


I can't tell you how pleased I am with the final result. Our projects ALWAYS come out BETTER than we had planned.

Remember how I originally had picked, and purchased, Tumbled Travertine as my backsplash? Well, my gut told me it was wrong, so I returned it and traded it for Porcelain, dark and contemporary tiles. LOVE IT!!! That was the best choice I made. And I am SOOOO lucky that Oregon Tile & Marble made the exchange, THANK YOU!
The Granite goes perfectly with our whole contemporary feel. Click HERE for my post on our DIY Granite Mini Slabs
My $10 Valances above my corner sink fit right in.

I am in love with my elegant Faucet that reminds me of Swan Lake. I can't believe I actually wanted to return it. I have fallen in love with it more everyday. I got it at Lowes for $200!!

I had so much fun Accesorizing my new kitchen:

Got 'em at Target
No, this knife set isn't new. I just spray painted the wood Oil Rubbed Bronze. A quick fix for it to look sleek and new.
See the "old" knife set to the right?
I wanted to add some accessories on the top of my cabinets. Just because I can't accesorize within 2 year old reach I had fun with this one! I still feel like I need to tweek it a little bit but I have time for that.

I added this plate for a POP of orange and to add some "Hawaii" to my life
I had to get that green in. Love that green.
I am just loving the look of my Kitchen Island Redo. It makes such a statement! Don't get distracted my the kids playing on the floor.... hehe

Lets have some fun with before and afters:



And 1 more:

Kitchen Facts:
  • We DIY 100%. From the painting to installing the plumbing. Nothing was hired out (only my husband's hard labor...)
  • The Kitchen Renovation was UNDER $3000 for the whole thing. I know, amazing.
  • The Cabinet Paint color was a color match of Behr's Powdered Snow in Sherwin Williams Oil Based.
  • Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan
  • Click HERE on the tutorial for my "No Fear" way to paint your kitchen cabinets
  • Granite Mini Slabs were Gialla Santa Cecilia
  • Crowley's Tile and Edging bullnosed our mini slabs and cut the undermount sink
  • Pam and Brian with Interiors Plus Flooring were the heroes in making this happen, THANK YOU!
  • And a BIG THANK YOU to my sweet husband for pulling through. It was worth it!
Linking to:
The DIY Show Off

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  1. Looks so beautiful! A job very well done!

  2. Wow! Absolutely amazing job, you two! What a beautiful kitchen, love the colours!

  3. BEFORE: Beautiful
    AFTER: Astonishing
    Great job.

  4. It is gorgeous! I am so excited for you and a little jealous for me! ;D

    The backsplash is my favorite I think!

    I would love love LOVE if you would update us in a couple of months and tell me how you feel about white cupboards!! They are so gorgeous, but I am afraid with all the little fingers in my house they will always look dingy.

  5. It really looks nice! I'm having a hard time picking out my favorite thing about the re-do, because it's all very nice. But the island, white cabinets, counters and backsplash are up high on the list!


  6. This is seriously so beautiful! It really looks like something out of a magazine. I love the colors, and I am amazed that you did the granite yourself! I even made my husband come look at the pictures!

  7. Wow, I'm so impressed and inspired!
    I am so happy to have found your blog, and have enjoyed your wonderful projects to date!
    Keep up the great work!
    Dee Dee

  8. That is absolutely fantastic. I love the colours you chose - and the backsplash is spot on perfect. I'm going to be painting our kitchen cabinets this summer so I hope mine looks as amazing as yours does when I'm finished.

  9. WOW! Looks wonderful! I love the new look. You put the old (what I thought was pretty good)kitchen to shame! Great job and what a hubby you have!

  10. OH. My. GORGEOUSNESS! I love it. I am more of a contemporary gal myself, and have loved all your re-dos. Definitely a good investment! I hope your husband gets to go fishing or to a ball game or something after all that hard work!

  11. Fantastic job on your kitchen! It looks gorgeous. I love the colors and the contrast of the walls and the cabinets.

  12. Your kitchen was nice before but now it is stunning! Seriously awesome job! Congratulations! Still working on mine...

  13. Brillant job, your kitchen looks brand new, really stylish and elegant, well done!! You will inspire many others to redo their own kitchens.

    All things nice...

  14. It looks so fantastic and so professional! I would love to cook in that kitchen :).

  15. Wow, I love how the kitchen re-do came out. Looks like a brand new kitchen. I love the fact that you did it DIY and under $3000. Totally jealous. I spent way to much on our kitchen remodel and we did it DIY too but We didn't have the cabinets so those took a big chunk of our budget along with new appliances. You both did a fantastic job! I love the back splash tiles. You were totally right to take the other ones back.

  16. WOW! My dream kitchen! Great job on all the DIY. I LOVE the painted knife block. Great idea! Elegant and stunning. :)

  17. I absolutely love it! You did an amazing job. It makes me really want to get started on my kitchen now. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  18. That is beyond STUNNING. I mean wow. I even brought my husband over to look, because this is how my dream kitchen looks!!

  19. It is so much more modern but still cozy and so clean. I love it!

  20. Your kitchen looks fantastic! Get ready for a call from Better Homes & Gardens wanting to put it in their magazine!!!

  21. Hi, I love your kitchen makeover, you and your husband did an awesome job! I love paint too and I'm never afraid to paint cabinets, dressers, etc. Great tutotial on how you did your painting! Love the idea of the wire, I can just imagine how you felt when they all fell:(
    Can't wait to see what color you paint your walls.

  22. Wow! i love it.. And i love how u accessorized it.. Love the valances. great colors. Nice....

  23. Stunning results! The new table is a real winner. The color adds weight to that end of the room, nice.

  24. Fabulous! It looks like a lot of sweat equity was put into this remodel, but well worth every drop.

  25. Impressive!!! It looks fantastic!

  26. I'm just drooling all over my keyboard looking at your gorgeous new kitchen! It's beautiful! Congratulations you were able to do all of this yourself! I'm not jealous, not a bit! :) Well, maybe a little.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Mikael it turned out AMAZING!!!! Great work girly! and of course your hubby! You guys did a fantastic job! Love it!!!

  28. That is a beautiful kitchen. I can't believe it was done all by you and your hubby. Enjoy!

  29. Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I love the shots of color with the orange and greens!

  30. Oh wow! I adore this project. What a wonderful metamorphosis.

    Please stop by and see my project. It only took 23 years to complete.

  31. Looks fabulous! Now off to see what else you have done!:)

  32. Amazing transformation! It just looks and feels so much better when you do it yourself doesn't it? Congrats. Job well done!

  33. What about your new table? You didn't mention anything about that. What a great accomplishment though. Looks like the hard work paid off.

  34. Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone!!! Kathy, the table (Pier 1) I got in January, along with the light fixture (Home Depot). I am so happy they ended up working so well with my kitchen redo. I consider myself lucky since I really had no idea what style I was going for in the end!

  35. You...and your kitchen...rock!!!!! I adore the backsplash, you are so right, it wouldn't have been the same with the tumbled travertine. This porcelain tile is striking, against the cabinetry and the wall color. OTM is the best!!! Enjoy the space, you did a great job! Janell

  36. It's absolutely beautiful! I think the backsplash is my favorite thing.

    I'm hosting my very first blog party this Friday, and I would love it if you would link up your fabulous makeover.

  37. Your kitchen is absolutely dreamy! I love the colors and finishes!

  38. It looks so Beautiful!! Quick question. Where'd you get the accerssories on top of your cabinets, especially those green candelsticks?

    Love them.

  39. Such a beautiful kitchen. Great job!

    Partying with you tonight. Come by for a visit.

  40. Wow! This is just gorgeous! I love your style. I can't believe you did it for so little! Aren't handy hubbies the best? :)

  41. So, so gorgeous, just as I suspected. The backsplash tile you chose is perfect. I love every bit of this kitchen. All for under 3K?! You should be so proud of yourself! Awesome, simply awesome!

  42. Beautiful job! I love everything you did and your style is perfect. Enjoy your lovely new kitchen!

  43. Amazing! (As usual!) I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade! It's also the highlight for this week's party! :) You rock!


  44. Please tell me the name/color/brand of the backsplash tiles. We've been on the hunt and those look perfect!

    Love the kitchen - awesome job!

  45. Amazing! You guys did an awesome job! I love your house colors, too!

  46. Wow, I love the before and afters! You did such a great job! And I love that color white - we did the Behr powdered snow for all of our trim and doors in our house. Looks great in the kitchen!

  47. WOW! I just adore your kitchen!!! Beautiful, Beautiful!

  48. Wow, gorgeous kitchen! I have oak cabinets and am totally jealous of your white ones. Can you come over and paint mine too?? :-)

  49. Gorgeous!! Love it! I also love how you changed your chandelier over the kitchen table - seems to tie it all together. And I LOVE the backsplash too!

  50. That is absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful!! And, I have those same cute canisters -- just love 'em! :)

  51. Just came over from Better After. I'm in love with you kitchen! Everything about it is just beautiful.

  52. I absolutely love your backsplash! I think it is a good alternative to a glass tile 'splash! Would you mind sharing the brand and color of tile that you chose?

  53. Came over from Better After. I am in LOVE with your kitchen. But I must say, I'd love to have your previous one too. It's better than mine any day! Some day! Love your blog... I had to "follow" so I can see any new updates. :)

  54. Your kitchen looks amazing! I'm contemplating painting our kitchen cabinets white as well. I'm off to check out your no fear painting tips!

  55. Just found your blog thank to Better After and your kitchen is just fabulous! The colors look so fresh and I really love the pops of green. Just amazing! I have to go check out more of your blog now!

  56. What a gorgeous transformation!

    My husband and I have been debating over painting our cabinets. We have officially decided to take the plunge! Your kitchen is definite motivation for us!!

  57. I absolutely LOVE what you did with your kitchen! I featured it, including before and after pics, in my blog post today.(
    Thanks for sharing. You are very truly talented.

  58. I totally WANT to keep reading! Where did you go?!? :D

  59. I just found your blog and am LOVIN' it! And your kitchen. Wow. That is MY dream kitchen. Love the colors. Love the backsplash. Love the island. Just love it all.

  60. Hiii! I love your kitchen. I have been looking for a new dining room table and really, really like yours. Where did you find it? Thanks! ☺

  61. I love, love, love your kitchen! Bravo, it looks absolutely fabulous.

  62. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!! Im getting ready to finally finish ours up. We purchased unfinished cabinets that we need to paint. I was really doubting my choice, but after seeing your kitchen- Im now convinced it will turn out great. I LOVE the backsplash tiles. Would you mind sharing any information you have on the tiles- brand and color? Im keeping my fingers crossed that mine will turn out half as beautiful as yours did. Great job- Thanks!!!

  63. WOW, this is so beautiful. It looks WAYYY better than kitchens that cost in excess of $30000.
    I LOVE the damask window dressing. I LOVE the grey tiles, it's much better than any travertine. I've got oak cabinetry in my kitchen, just like you had. Now I know that white paint works and looks wonderful, I think I will save a ton of money and paint. I was going to make some modern oak cabinet doors and stain them dark, but........that's too much like hard work. White I think it will be. Truly, there is nothing I can fault with your kitchen. I Love it all. I'm so glad you said you hired nobody. It is soooo satisfying doing it all DIY and achieving a very expensive look for next to nothing. Congratulations. I just keep looking at all the pics you have, including you doing the splits sanding the doors, hahahah.

    The ONLY thing I would do differently is I would have persevered with spraying. But each to their own.

    Once again, congratulation.

  64. Found your blog via a Pinterest pix - your damask valence got my attention!! You have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen (beautiful home)!! Hope you are still enjoying it after over a year later! I!! Thanks for posting...

  65. Would love to hear how the white cabinets have held up with kids. We have boys and that is my only fear is how will white work with them. Since it has been a over a year since the redo how are they doing?

  66. I absoultly love it. I have a question, I live in Canada but a border town to the states and were looking to put hardwood through out our 2000sq house and was wonder if anybody would have idea's of were I could look for hardwood at a reduced cost as I too am a cheap shopper.
    Thanks for all your household ideas they have helped a lot.

  67. Hello! Do you still keep up with these comments? I noticed a few people asked about the backsplash but I never saw you answer. I went to the store (online) you said you got them from, but with no luck. Granted, that was 2 years ago.. I would love to know about them, name, color, etc. I saw they were Porcelain but that's it.

    Do you still love everything about your kitchen? Still stand firm on no poly? Other blogs just recommend a different kind that doesn't yellow, (I have which kind written down at home) So i am just checking all my sources before I jump in.

    Would love an update! I am about to do mine!

  68. I came across your blog and subscribed!!
    I love how your kitchen came out. We also redid our kitchen and my husband did all the work, except some electrical. I also painted the knife block! Hoping to post the blog in a few days after I get a few more pictures (but that means cleaning the counters off!! lol!)

    I hope you will read mine also and let me know how you like our redo!

    ~ Darlene

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