Boy/Girl Shared Room {Inspiration Board}

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When hunting for a home we originally wanted 4 bedrooms PLUS a bonus room.  As I looked at home prices in the location we wanted (a very desireable location) I quickly was forced to change my "priorities".  4 beds + a bonus was waaaaaayyyyyyy way way WAY out of our price range.  It wasn't going to happen.

Enter our dream Colonial.

This home is 2600 sq ft.  3 beds + bonus.  I like to use my bonus rooms as a bonus space (AKA: lock the kids in the bonus room and forget about them destroying things, so I can get some peace and quiet for 5 minutes), so that meant my 4 kids would be sharing.  My sweet daughter can kiss her pink girly private room GOODBYE!  She is now sharing with #4.

Enter my Boy/Girl Room.

As I write this we are building the Built in Bunks.  They are all over Pinterest, you can't miss 'em.

Built in bunks:

1. Make the room feel bigger
2. Create a private space for my daughter so she can still have her alone time before bed amidst the boys screaming and running around naked after baths.
3. Are just awesome looking!

I will post our progress.  But just to warn you... it will be slower than slow.  We have 4 kids now.  I teach ballet, run my own photography business, and I am still unpacking boxes! I am insane.  Why am I even doing this blog?!

 See you around soon (don't hold your breath...)


I'm Back & Ready to Rock & Renovate!!!

Let me blow the dust off and shine the windows.  This poor ole blog has seriously been neglected.  If you don't remember, or you are new, this was the former home of "Starter Home to Dream Home".  Now it is:


I needed a fresh new start after my long 3+ year hiatus (story below).  My style has evolved and changed, as it should.  I think we all moved on from band aid colored walls and fake ivy on our kitchen cabinets!

When thinking of what to rename my site I wanted something with personality, depth, craziness and a little silly. Cause that's what my family is.  We are controlled chaos (ok, NOT controlled. just chaos).  As I was brainstorming, I quickly thought of the conversation I had with my 8 year old daughter a couple nights ago.  She was beaming with joy as she was telling me about her new school.  After a hard summer of moving twice, and another move ahead, she had finally felt settled.  She found friends and I had not seen her this happy in months.  It was quite the change from her moping around self just weeks before.  She mentioned her school friends had formed a club and met at recess. I asked her what she called the club.
"The Dizzy Girl Club"
So cute.  I couldn't get that out of my head. Was it the name I liked so much or just all that happiness in my daughter's face when she said it?  Who cares.  I felt the same way.  After 3 years of moving and feeling a little lost and a lot lost at times we were finally going to be settled.  Our family had a home of our own.

The Dizzy House was born.

Now what happened to me from the the last post in 2011 up until now? 

Twins turned two. I went insane. Something had to go.
My photography business exploded.  House blog fell off my "want to do" list to "I can't do right now" list.
Got prego with #4. Yes, it was planned.
Morning sickess was all day and all night sickness.
Husband got transferred to Pullman Washington (you don't even want to know...) so we moved.
Rented our "starter home" out and moved into a rental, ourselves, for the next 2 1/2 yrs.
Tears were shed at the thought of renters using my new kitchen.
More tears were shed at the site of the horrendous rental I was forced to live in (we won't go there, long story..).
Still throwing up into the 3rd trimester
Lived in a town of 300 people for 2 1/2 yrs (Colton Washington. I know. I had never heard of it either.)
I went into hiding.
Dropped all my careers.
Laid in bed all day sick with pregnancy.
Gained 80 lbs with my pregnancy.
I learned to sew curtains and pillows (now that alone was worth it!).
Had the Baby! YAY, not sick anymore!
Lost the 80 lbs I gained
Moved again from one rental to another. Just shy of being homeless.
And... drum roll.... after 2 1/2 years in isolation, living where no Target is within 100 miles, we got the news we were being transferred back to PORTLAND!
Tears of joy were shed. 

The story continues...

Kicked my renters out of our Starter home to get it ready to sell.
Cried when I saw what renters did to my home. 
Revamped my home in 2 weeks, to get it staged and ready to sell (that's a blog post in itself!).
Listed my home on our own. Sold it in 35 days. Made a good profit.
The day we were moving into our rental, literally carting our stuff into the rental house, we got wind of a home that just listed. Ran over to see it.  Loved it.  Made an offer that day!
We got the home!

Here she is:

This adorable, perfectly charming colonial became mine on October 7th, 2014.  This home is the light at the end of the 3 year tunnel.  It is a big gift that I have been wishing for and I feel so lucky.

This colonial is like a girl that is cute, but could be a real smokin hottie, she just needs my touch!  She has great bones, and SOOOO much potential I can hardly contain myself!  Lucky for me, I convinced my husband of all her glory and potential and he was on board from the get go. 

I am going to turn her from a bad 90s hairday into a classy, traditional/transitional, gorgeous, comfortable colonial home.  I will be painting every. single. surface.  Ripping out almost every. single. thing.  And because we only pay cash for our renovations, it will all be DIY! 

I'm back and we got a lot of updates to do! Can't wait to share!!

First project on the list:
Built in Bunk Beds: Boy/Girl neutral classic shared room.

Back with kid room redoes!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HELLO READERS!!!!!!!!!! I have missed this blog. But even more, I have really missed using my creativity to transform a space and help all of you out.

I have been super busy with my CRAZY 2 year old twin boys. Why didn't someone tell me that 2 year old boys were a disaster? They have basically destroyed my house brick by brick. And I also took on way too much this year (building a new ballet school, my new found Photography side job, and dealing with daily 2 year old twin disasters). Something had to go and it was this blog.

I was at the zoo the other day and was approached by one of my "fans". I was shocked when she said "are you the girl that does the house blog? I miss your posts!" I was so excited I still had readers and that I was helping someone.

I bit the bullet and finally decided to tackle my kids rooms. They were pretty much a living nightmare and I couldn't handle walking past them without having an anxiety attack. Things must be pretty when I walk by!! The rooms are almost done- paint drying as we speak.

My daughters room involves a $40 chandelier from Ikea.
And my boys room involves this little project to hang on their wall. I showed my husband this and said "it is $60 online, do you think we can make it for half that?" and of course he said yes! I love my husband!

I also plan to post about my kitchen "A year later" and how it is holding up. (this will happen after my ballet recital in May...)

Thanks for reading!!!

My Redecorating Reality

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lets face it, times are tight. Are our homes really where we should be spending the money that we could be saving? I don't think right now is the best time for that (beyond what we have already done).
My heart aches to remodel our master bathroom, I wish upon a star that I could get that ottoman and matching pillows for my family room, and maybe one day I can redecorate the kids rooms :) I also have REALLY badly wanted a new dresser for our bedroom, maybe add some chair rail, amazing photos and a bookcase. I have to add that I would LOVE to get a new, stylish chair to replace my nerdy office one I am sitting on right now (that someone gave us 4 years ago). Not to mention reflooring the whole downstairs with Engineered hardwood..... in my dreams....

The reality is, we need to be saving.

My husband is still driving the '87 Toyota pick-up he drove to High School. I think it's his time for a nice little "renovation". It is his turn to buy his "dream truck" (the dream truck in our budget). My dresser can wait, my ottoman with matching pillows and my master bathroom will definitely have to wait until the housing market picks up again and I can see a reason to spruce things up with the hope of a nice return.

My husband gave me my dream kitchen so I will give him his dream truck.

So, for now, my posts will be far and few between. But that is OK. Because when I do get a chance to redecorate something it will be so worth the wait :)

My Bookcase & a Winner!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For a while I couldn't do anything with my bookcase. The twins were just too much of a risk of messing the whole thing up so it just sat and looked ugly and boring.  It looked exactly like what it was called "Book case". 
I couldn't put anything on the bottom two shelves because, again, the twins would take it, break it, ruin it.
I found myself at Target just throwing sale items into my cart (with my 3 kids in tow... of course!).  I saw orange and green, cute fruit things, a candle, flowers, and those really nifty hourglasses that should always belong on a bookcase or in a library!
After about 20 minutes of playing with it I had everything just where I wanted it, and I looked at it and SMILED!!! Finally it was pretty, fun, colorful, and ME!
This flower bundle (that reminds me of a wedding) was marked down to $3!!!
 ok, so I even took pictures of my daughter with it..... got to get good use out of it :)
I love the HUGE pear and the hourglass.  My bookcase is basically in the kitchen/dining area, so I wanted to add some kitcheny stuff plus more "bookcase" items.  It really ties it all in nicely.
Now... for my before and afters :)

After :) So much better

And the WINNER to the giveaway is........ (after having my twin boys draw out of a bowl)...

Rebecca said...
Yayy!!! Giveaways! I have been waiting to get some kitchen tools, and would love any of the Rachel Ray's items. I used one at my parents house and it was sturdy, easy to maneuver and it look gorgeous while I was cooking Taco Soup!! YUM!!


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