Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back with kid room redoes!

HELLO READERS!!!!!!!!!! I have missed this blog. But even more, I have really missed using my creativity to transform a space and help all of you out.

I have been super busy with my CRAZY 2 year old twin boys. Why didn't someone tell me that 2 year old boys were a disaster? They have basically destroyed my house brick by brick. And I also took on way too much this year (building a new ballet school, my new found Photography side job, and dealing with daily 2 year old twin disasters). Something had to go and it was this blog.

I was at the zoo the other day and was approached by one of my "fans". I was shocked when she said "are you the girl that does the house blog? I miss your posts!" I was so excited I still had readers and that I was helping someone.

I bit the bullet and finally decided to tackle my kids rooms. They were pretty much a living nightmare and I couldn't handle walking past them without having an anxiety attack. Things must be pretty when I walk by!! The rooms are almost done- paint drying as we speak.

My daughters room involves a $40 chandelier from Ikea.
And my boys room involves this little project to hang on their wall. I showed my husband this and said "it is $60 online, do you think we can make it for half that?" and of course he said yes! I love my husband!

I also plan to post about my kitchen "A year later" and how it is holding up. (this will happen after my ballet recital in May...)

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I wanted to pick the winner through a computer program this time, instead of my kids picking it out of a bowl.. haha!
With this program you input everyones names and then click 'PICK" and it takes a name outa the hat!  And the winner is......

I will email you the gift Certificate code and have fun getting whatever you want from CSN. SOOO many options!

Thanks to all who voted and supported me and my brother. We will find out if he wins in January, I am so excited.
And keep checking back to this blog... we are going to be gutting our master bath soon. SO EXCITED!!


Friday, December 17, 2010


The giveaway is now CLOSED but I will pick a winner this weekend!!! YIPPEEE!!!
Thank you to all who voted and supported me and my brother, you are amazing :)

Will post a winner TOMORROW (saturday dec. 17th) before midnight.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas GIVEAWAY with a purpose!!!!

Hello everyone.... First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! I just LOVE the holidays and I really badly wanted to do a giveaway!

Leather Messenger Bags, a sister site of CSN stores, is sponsoring a $60 giveaway for my lucky reader. They have over 200 sites to choose to spend your $60! You can choose from cookware, furniture, Decor, Baby items, the list goes on and on!!!! Use the $60 for a christmas gift for a loved one, or use it for yourself!

Here's what you gotta do:

My brother (yes this gets personal) was handpicked from thousands of classical musicians to be a finalist in Youtube's Symphony. He needs your votes to make it to Sydney Australia where he will rehearse and perform in the Sydney Opera House with the best musicians in the world!

1. Click HERE to vote
2. Vote for him
3. Leave a comment that you voted.
4. **Let me know how many times you voted

**For each vote you get 1 entry. You can vote until Dec. 17th, so don't just stop at 1 vote! You can also vote more than once using different browsers (ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome).

The more you vote, the more entries you get in my little Giveaway.
Voting is open until December 17th- entries to my giveaway will close Dec. 17th at Midnight.

Have fun and START VOTING EVERYDAY until Dec. 17th!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Redecorating Reality

Lets face it, times are tight. Are our homes really where we should be spending the money that we could be saving? I don't think right now is the best time for that (beyond what we have already done).
My heart aches to remodel our master bathroom, I wish upon a star that I could get that ottoman and matching pillows for my family room, and maybe one day I can redecorate the kids rooms :) I also have REALLY badly wanted a new dresser for our bedroom, maybe add some chair rail, amazing photos and a bookcase. I have to add that I would LOVE to get a new, stylish chair to replace my nerdy office one I am sitting on right now (that someone gave us 4 years ago). Not to mention reflooring the whole downstairs with Engineered hardwood..... in my dreams....

The reality is, we need to be saving.

My husband is still driving the '87 Toyota pick-up he drove to High School. I think it's his time for a nice little "renovation". It is his turn to buy his "dream truck" (the dream truck in our budget). My dresser can wait, my ottoman with matching pillows and my master bathroom will definitely have to wait until the housing market picks up again and I can see a reason to spruce things up with the hope of a nice return.

My husband gave me my dream kitchen so I will give him his dream truck.

So, for now, my posts will be far and few between. But that is OK. Because when I do get a chance to redecorate something it will be so worth the wait :)


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