Our Biggest DIY Reno. has just begun: The Kitchen

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take a good last look at this kitchen
because it won't look the same when I am finished with it!

Thank you all for voting and for all your comments. They made a difference in my decision!

I have made my final kitchen design decision............but I am not going to tell you which kitchen design I chose! I know, don't hate me. That is for you to find out along the DIY renovation road. There has to be some mystery in all of this, right?
In the end, I did follow my heart and I chose the design that made my heart beat faster and gave me sweaty palms just thinking about it (kinda like the moment when I knew my husband was the one). I am so excited to get started...

My kitchen right now
with a mess of samples and paint test blobs here and there

However, just yesterday me and my handy hubby were staring at the kitchen in silence. 'What did we get ourselves into?' we were both thinking. We have never tackled something this extensive ever before. Are we up for the task? YES! Of course. We are the best team I know :) This is the first time we will be doing most all of this. So if we can do it, you can too!

Here is what is to come (with updated posts and tutorials):
  1. Remove all hardware and cabinets. Clean and sand.
  2. Redesign the Island. I scratched the bead board idea because I see it everywhere and I wanted something new and fresh. I designed my own island that I know will be stunning, lets hope we can pull it off!
  3. Prime and Paint. I have done extensive research on sprayers and how to get the most professional finish for the best cost. We have a plan and I hope it works... ugh, not looking forward to clean-up with oil based paints :0
  4. Repaint the walls. I have picked my color and it is just the color I was always hoping and wishing for!!! I can't wait to get it on my walls , yipee!!!
  5. Install our Granite "Mini Slabs". Ever heard of these? They are GREAT! Follow us along as we make our DIY Granite look like expensive slabs!... oh and install sink and faucet somewhere in here too.
  6. Back splash.
  7. Pendant lighting
  8. Accessories and Curtains. the fun part !
All of this for around $2000!!! I know, totally amazing.

I know I have been kinda lagging with projects and ideas for y'all for the past month or so, but we have saved it all for now (Plus, I was in the busiest time of year for teaching ballet and preparing for the end of the year showcase).

Follow us along on this CRAZY, SCARY, AMAZING month of redoing the kitchen all by ourselves!! I may need your advice !! Wish Me luck :)

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  1. Um, wow. You amaze me! Good luck!

  2. Yay! I can't wait to see it! It's so exciting to make your house your HOME!!!

  3. first time reader & commenter on this blog. We used the mini slabs as well & it turned out perfectly - I will have to do a blog post about them. Our kitchen is a different layout - galley and we used an apron front sink so no sink cutout. I'm interested to see how your mini slabs will work with your sink (that is if you aren't moving it).

  4. Can't wait wait to watch your kitchen transformation!!

  5. I'll be looking forward to reading as your renovation moves forward. I just finished painting our master bath and thought THAT was a big chore. :)

  6. Can we at least have a sneak peek?


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