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Sunday, February 28, 2010

To all of my readers and "followers", thanks for all your questions, comments, and advice! I love it! I may not be able to write huge honker emails to most of you all the time, or even a quick comment on your blog, but I DO visit your blogs and check all of you out! You are all amazing :)

Here are some FAQs I thought I would address so I didn't have to send a million emails out!

Q: Is the Sage Gray a more gray or a blue?
A: This is how I think of the Sage Gray in my office: A muted blue with gray mixed in to tone it down, and a kiss of green. Definitely more blue than gray. And definitely not green, but it is there if you look for it. More of a "live able" blue than a bathroom blue. It mainly always stays the same color in any light, so it is trustworthy and predictable. I always know what color my Sage Gray will be; a blue with a touch of gray to mute it out... oh, and a kiss of green :)

Q: Where did you get that painting above your bed?
A: Bed Bath and Beyond. I never buy anything full price there, I collect their 20% Off coupons that come in the mail (did you know they never expire! I used one from a year ago the other day!!). So everything I get is a deal. oh, and I just LOVE this painting. It has the brush strokes and detail that make you think it is the original, but really it's not. LOVE LOVE!!

Q: How do you paint with 3 little ones? When do you find time??
A: I paint when they go down for naps or bedtime. I do all the taping and prep work while they are up and running, so the second they are in their rooms asleep I start painting!! The banister was a different story. It took so long to prep & paint my husband had to lock the kiddos and himself in the playroom and play with them for hours while I painted. Finally he saw I would have been 100 yrs old if I did it all myself, so during naps he helped me finish it fast- thanks hubby!!
But I have to say that the late nights I paint are actually VERY relaxing for me. I love it!! Nothing is more soothing than painting fresh paint, a new color, a new beginning, while listening to music other than Disney & Baby Einstein. I always say paint is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way to change a room. I can't wait to paint that kitchen, I am itching to do it ASAP!!!

Q:Where did you get your bedding?
A: BBB!! On the Clearance Rack (where else?) and with my 20% off coupon! SCORE! I was originally going to make it myself (ok, so have my mom help me make it because I don't sew...) but I quickly realized that it is almost cheaper to buy "bed in a bag" on sale! It is a comforter, NOT a duvet. My husband and I quickly realized we hate duvets (the sagging, unfit, sloppy droopy look, the constant "fluffing"...), we just wanted a nice fitted comforter and we are happy! (future post: "how to have a heavenly bed")

Q: Where can I find a handy hubby like yours?
A: K, so this wasn't really a question.... but a lot of you have said how lucky I am to have such a handy man around. So for my husband, a BIG SHOUT OUT "Thank you!! You make all my dreams come true" ... now can we get to that kitchen???.....:)

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  1. That you for all the answers, and your home is just lovely.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing! I love all the colours you use in your home! Your kids are adorable! I have also 3 kids and do all the paintings and building up furniture during the kids naptime by myself.:) I love to do those things, too. Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Verena

  3. Thanks for the answers, especially about the Sage Gray. I love that color and keep debating about it for my living room area. I thought I'd throw out there that the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons do expire in some places. Apparently our stores (in Utah) were having a problem with coupons being used a year later, so expiration dates are printed in a huge font with a yellow box next to it filled with red print telling the cashiers to check the expiration date. Just check where you live!

  4. We're starting the bathroom I told you about this weekend - Yay! Thanks for all the ideas - I'm going to post before, during, and (can't wait) for "after" pictures! Also, not sure if they do it in your area, but you can combine coupons at BBB - if you use the 20% you can get in the mail, ours lets you use the coupon that comes in their flyer, too...not sure if you've tried or your store allows it, but in our store, in Illinois they do!

  5. I love your blog! Why haven't I found you sooner?!

  6. mikeal- i bought that bbb picture to go in my living room a while ago, and i LOVE it! you are so nifty with all of your decorating ideas. way to go!


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