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Monday, January 11, 2010

I wish I had a cute little pink toolbox, like the one above, to put all the random tools I have and use on a daily basis for my projects. Oh and maybe deck it out with glitter, feathers and loads of Twilight stickers... !

My definition of Tools: Anything you need to complete projects around the house without help from your husband.

  1. Hammer. This is obvious. I mainly use this to hammer my paint can closed and hang pictures.
  2. Screwdrivers. I use these to remove my outlets when painting, and also to open my paint cans.
  3. Hot Glue Gun. Not limited to crafts, but to repairs of broken curtain rods and fabric!
  4. Tape Measure. I measure things all day long before purchasing new furniture, lighting, curtains and even for rearranging furniture!
  5. Electric Sander. I asked my husband to help me sand, by hand, the other day (that darn banister!!!). It took less than 5 minutes of sanding by hand for him to run to Home Depot and bring home this lovely lady. Thank you honey. An electric sander is SOOO the way to go, cuts work time in half! I redo furniture all the time, so I will defiantly get my moneys worth. ** The Dremel can do more than just sand. If all you want is a sander those are also available**
  6. Step stool and/or tall ladder. I love my little step stool. She helps me out with painting and hanging curtains, even decorating for Christmas. She is so easy to fold up and tuck away. Just love her!
  7. Gorilla Glue. Use this dude to fix furniture, frames, or anything! It is strong as Nails... plus I think the gorilla is cute :)
  8. Paint Tools. This is my favorite of all the "tools" I have (because we all know paint is my favorite thing). Brushes, Rollers, Tape, Edger & tray are the best tools I have to take an old space and make it new and fresh! TIP- Spend the extra dollar to get a really nice brush. This will give you a more professional finish plus it will last longer, and lets not forget to mention it is so much nicer to use, so worth the money!
  9. Nail Gun. (For the advanced DIY woman) I don't really use this at all currently, but I am planning to do my own accent trim soon... all by myself (squeeel!!!) We will see how that goes.
  10. Level. I use this to mark out stripes on the wall I will tape for paint, or to hang pictures.
Those are most of my really favorite "tools". I wish I could fit all of them in a nice little pink box. I know I am forgetting some though.

What are some of your favorite tools??

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  1. I hear you! I have my own special dresser with all my tools (most are of the crafty nature), and my husbands tools (the nail gun, miter saw etc.)

    I have a tool that will really help lighten your painting tool aresenal. I'm doing a giveaway too... you should look into it, I hope to see you at my party

  2. I can't live without my cordless drill. I love painting too ... but I have to admit that a picture of my painting tools would look completely different.

    I'm not crazy about the pink tools ... however, Im glad that the tool manufacturers are finally "getting it" and marketing to the growing market of women who do more than paint ...

    Love your blog ... I plan to come back often...

  3. I don't mind pink tools. But I hope y'all know I was TOTALLY joking about glittering the toolbox! Just a little sarcasm:)

  4. I love that pink tool box, just might have to get one!

  5. Hi, I wanted to nominate you for a blog award on my blog. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and on my darkest days, your blog makes me smile. You have so many wonderful ideas and they inspire me to do something new. Thank YOu.

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