Renovation Ain't Pretty

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As many of you know, when attempting to gut a space and make it look pretty it gets pretty NASTY and GROSS in the process. As I drop all other basic chores while working on painting my kitchen everything has become chaos. I am about ready to scream "I WANT MY KITCHEN BACK!!"

My kitchen has moved to the laundry room. We took everything out of the bottom kitchen cabinets (so my twins wouldn't get into them) and threw them into our laundry room. Finding anything is impossible!

Fast food is a regular siting, looks like this one didn't even make it to the trash. Ick! I am never a fan of fast food but with wet paint and appliances taped up this is our only option... I will come out of this kitchen renovation 10 pounds bigger!! HELP!

Our garage, where the spraying of the cabinet doors is being tackled, has become a Hurricane Katrina.

As with any project, this is taking longer than we thought.... I can't wait until it is done :)

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  1. ummm, I am reeeeaaaallllyyy glad I'm not the only messy renovator! You guys are tackling a HUGE project...I'm sure it's looking fab! Can't wait to see it all done...I'm sure not as glad as you will be though! and about the fast food...just think of how many calories you will burn putting it all back together!


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