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Monday, November 23, 2009

I have a hard time sticking with one style. I love my home, but part of me wishes I could have 3-5 homes (don't we all?), each to accommodate a totally different look. I call myself a design style MUTT. I am a mix of everything!

Because I love everything it is sometimes hard to stick to a style when redoing a room. If it were up to me I would redecorate rooms every year.
Right now I am in the process of making a plan for my master bedroom. New comforter, new paint, new headboard, drawers, curtains, bathroom etc etc.... but where do I go with this when I just love so many DIFFERENT things? HELP!

Here are some inspirations among hundreds:

Do you see my problem........

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  1. A great way to be able to change up your style is to pick a neutral wall, like a brown or a creamy white, then you can change up bedding and pillows easily. Furniture in a solid color also works best in reworking. Based on inspiration photos I'd say for you to go with a black wooden bed (not upholstered, harder to change up, unless you want to make slip covers for your headboard).
    And if you get a duvet, all you have to change are covers, less expensive usually, and they take up less space in a linen closet.

  2. I am just like you!! Too many choices. I need about 10 houses to use all the styles I like. And....remember that doll they used to make that had a button on her belly that you could push to change her hair from long to short? I've always wished for one of those too!!

  3. Love your before and afters, just stumbled across your site. Very cute!

  4. I dream of a white bedroom, but don't know how practical that is with kids. I also dream of a white kitchen.

  5. Anne, it is so true! White just doesnt work around kids... I shoulda called this blog "decorating around kids" because everything I do I think 'will this be destroyed?' Maybe one day we can do what we want, right?

  6. OH, oh! I chose a combination of 6 and 7. Is that even possible? Are they two totally different styles? That's my problem... :)
    You are doing a fabulous job- I love it!


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