A Hole in the Wall was NOT the plan!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Before you start on any project you envision it going as smoothly as the finished product looks. But lets be totally honest, with every home improvement project there are always stumbling blocks and "OH CRAP" moments!

We started our fireplace, and I have to say with how it looks right now I am getting really excited (and it is NOT pretty right now).

I headed to Lowes and got everything on our list for installing the Slate, our first stage of the fireplace. I feel like the cashiers should be required to say as they hand you your receipt, "see you in a couple hours!" because that is usually the case.

Our "OH CRAP" moment:
As my husband was pulling, banging, tugging and pounding the icky "cheapo" ceramic tile off (it was not easy), the wall came right off with it. I can proudly say that no swear words were shouted and he stayed pretty calm (at least calm on the outside). I didn't worry much because I always know my husband finds a solution. And he did indeed!

He cut a square above the hole and traded it. We needed a little backbone behind the tile, but don't need anything behind our "soon to be pretty" mantle. Problem solved and no extra trip to Lowes. GENIUS!

Lesson learned: If you ever have an "oh CRAP" moment just email my husband, he will find a way around it pretty fast (and without an extra visit to Lowes).

COMING UP- I plan to update you with tutorials as we tackle this fireplace. Hopefully we can get this thing done in the next couple weeks.

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog from the DIY showoff and spent the last hour catching up! Love all your tips and hints! Can't wait to see the fireplace reveal!

  2. Oops... :-) Sounds like you found the perfect solution though. Can't wait to see the reveal! I'm married to one of those smart, handy guys too and feel pretty blessed!

    pk @ Room Remix

  3. So glad hubby saved the day! Loving that "Cay" swatch... my bedroom is a ver similar color.

    Saw you comment on SITS, came by to say "welcome" and let us know if you have any questions.

    "Roll Call" is leaving a comment on each day's post- great way to find other blogs too.


  4. Stopping by from sits.

    Ahhh...home improvements. I have lots of oh crap moments. We are currently working on our basement...

  5. Wow, I just came across your blog from Living with Lindsay and love your "pottery barn on a budget" mirror you did! I did have to 'sit for awhile' and explore all the links to your previous projects! Fun blog, and also fun to find another gal from church that loves to decorate and blog about it! Looking forward to seeing more of your home progress!


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