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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am working on a "recycle redo" with the kids bathroom.
Recycle Redo: Use stuff you already have around the house, mix it up and you got a basically FREE makeover!

I have tons of black frames I am not using anymore but I just needed FREE artwork. hmmm... didn't want more family pictures...... I know, sketches!

Supplies: Drawing paper and drawing pencils (got mine at Michael's)

  1. Print out a picture of the item you want to draw (got mine off Google Images)
  2. Place it under your paper so you can "copy" it.
  3. Carefully sketch, using the copy as your guide. Make it "sketchy" (not just an outline).
  4. Shadow
  5. Sign your work
  6. Hang it and admire!

My husband saw them hung and thought I had purchased "real" artwork. When he found out I did it he smiled and laughed. Got him fooled :)
I have to laugh at the toilet drawing. I did it to be humorous and funny, but I think it turned out great. Remember, anything goes in my book. If you like it, then it works!

The Final reveal of my Bathroom "recycle redo" in a couple days.

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  1. Oh I just love this idea -- and I also love that you are posting your house as you go along. Everything is looking so beautiful. Your walls look very similar in color to mine, but perhaps a bit lighter. May I ask what brand of paint that is? I will soon be painting, and though I should probably lighten up a bit. Now I'm going to go grab my sketch pad :)

  2. Jan, I don't know the paint because it was on the walls when we moved in. To be honest, it is lighter in the pictures, because it really just looks like a nasty tan bandaid! I am wanting to paint it VERY badly, but we have too many other painting projects on our list, so it has to wait.... hence the "recycle redo" just to tidy me over :)

  3. Great sketches! I can see why your husband thought you bought them. Love them as art.

    pk @ Room Remix

  4. What a great idea!! They turned out so great, love it!

  5. That is so cool. You did a good job! I have that exact toilet clip art hanging on the back of my kid's bathroom door. It is a sticker collector page for my daughters potty training. But I think your sketches win hands down!.

  6. Recycle Redo is the best! Stopping by from SITS and can see already that I already love your blog. You're very creative and inventive! The sketches are fabulous! I look forward to reading on. Warm regards, Jenn @

  7. What wonderful idea!!! I still need some pictures in my house. Now I know what my next project is going to be... ;o)

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