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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I LOVE a good picture arrangement. I love clean lines, but yet I still love messy. I love organization but then again, a bit of chaos. I love PERSONAL pictures, pictures of places, things and personal memories all arranged together. Not to mention snapshots and your own little memorabilia is thousands cheaper than art!

Staircase- These frames were $5 each at Michael's.

Above my couch- Odd number of frames are my favorite way to arrange pictures (luckily I have 3 kids!)

My inspiration, above, would have cost me around $200 just for the SHELVING alone, so I hit Lowes, bought the shelves for $30 and went out to collect my mismatched frames from Target, Michaels, and some I had around the house that I reused (which were, smile :)... FREE).
I just got all different frames, types, sizes, brought them home then played with the arrangement for a while. I only had to take 1 frame back!

TIP: When redecorating see what you have around the house first, before you go buy. Especially when it comes to picture frames, accessories, or even fabric.
I just LOVE the way the frames are leaning against the wall, overlapping each other, and creating this cozy, messy but clean little story. I am still in need of some accessories, but that will come.

When it comes to framing think "outside the frame"... hehe.
  1. I picked a fall leaf at the park and pressed it = FREE
  2. I also framed my late grandma's art work= FREE and meaningful
  3. Framed a picture of their lakeside cabin that holds all the memories of her and I= FREE
  4. My mom frames music programs, Restaurant menus on significant anniversaries. I also saw that one of my friend's framed dried roses she had gotten from her husband over the years, so cute
Anything goes! Anything counts as artwork as long as you love it!
If it is special to you, FRAME IT!!!

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  1. I love it! I have millions of pics I would love to frame, but I need to find some good wall space for it!

  2. I love photo walls and yours/the inspiration pic with the shelves is a great way to display memories. :) Love it!


  3. I love all your ideas Mikael! I also love your picture gallery. Another idea for getting cheap frames is to buy them at Goodwill and spray paint them whatever color you want. Cheap and easy!

  4. Beautiful ideas - thanks for sharing! I love how they are all grouped together. Organized chaos LOL! I'll have to try some of those ideas.

  5. I love this blog. And I love that YOU'RE the one doing it! Thanks for all the great tips!

  6. Emily, thanks for sharing the goodwill thing, dont get me started on that because I could post for weeks on spray paint and cheap ideas! Did that in the boys nursery, but it will take me a while to post about it (only so much time in a day, right?)

  7. I love picture galleries. I think I have a total of 4 different galleries in my home! Can't get enough...
    Great blog! Lots of good ideas. I am also updating a 5 year old home and will be trying a cabinet solution next week. Should be under $50. I'll be posting about it!

  8. Danielle, Ill be sure to look at your cabinet solution and link it from my blog! I LOVE other people's ideas. Thanks for visiting


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